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When you need to kickstart your business and you have no time for frustrating admin tasks such as invoicing and emailing reminders, CloudSquad has got you covered. After our simple setup all those tasks that used to take hours can be wrapped up in minutes, leaving you to focus on what really matters.


R 345

Per month

The plan for up to
100 members

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R 575

Per month

The plan for up to
300 members

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R 925

Per month

The plan for up to
600 members

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R 1 350

Per month

The plan for up to
900 members

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Looking for a package for over 900+ members, no problem we can handle it.

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All the pricing options have all these features…

Simple Setup

You should only have to setup things once. Our straightforward setup wizard will have you up and running in minutes.


Make CloudSquad your own by setting up the platform to best suit your company's needs and requirements.

Guided Tour

First steps can be tricky, but we’re here to help you every step of the way with our guided tour to get you ready in no time.

Online Registration

Allow your members to register online, saving you time and the cutting down on all that paperwork.

Live Support

Our team is always ready to assist. Drop us a message if you ever need help setting up your club or troubleshooting an issue.

Student Billing

Never have to worry about running after members for payment. Our platform can automatically send out invoices.

Bulk Emailing

Take the hassle out of follow ups with our easy to schedule emails. Quickly send customised templates to different groups or classes, or even a specific member.


Repetition is tiring, so CloudSquad allows you to setup smart actions to automate common tasks that don’t require your attention.

Banking Imports

Simply upload your bank statements and CloudSquad will allocate payments automatically to the relevant accounts, making sure you always get paid.

Got questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CloudSquad?
CloudSquad is a web-based registration, payment and admin platform to simplify the administrative needs of sports clubs and extra mural activity businesses.
Which Price Plan should I sign up for?
Our pricing plans are structured around the number of members in your organisation, so choose the plan that best fits your organisation now or in the near future. If your organisation grows larger than your plan size your plan will automatically be upgraded to allow for the extra members. All our contracts are month to month, and you can always upgrade, or downgrade your plan as needed. You can find more information under Pricing.
How does CloudSquad work?
Our paperless platform allows you to work from anywhere, helping you invite new members with customised registration forms, as well as send out invoices, and keep track of payments and statements every month.
What are the costs involved?
Our month to month pricing plans are an all inclusive cost, and vary depending on the number of enrolled students in your organisation. You can find more information under Pricing.
What is the difference between Kids and Clubs?
Start your CloudSquad journey with a quick registration, allowing you to access the system where you can start a guided tour taking you through the system set up. You can customized the system to suite your companies needs. Once you have set up the system you can start registering your students/ members onto the system.
How do I setup my account?
After a quick registration, our platform has a step-by-step walkthrough that will assist you in setting up everything that you need to get started. Our Help section is also available for more information on specific features, or you can contact us for specific support.
Does CloudSquad invoice for me?
After you have assigned specific subscription costs to a member’s profile, our platform will automatically generate invoices for them each month. You can manually finalise the orders and send them out individually or schedule them to be sent out on a specific day and time.
How do I get started?
Select your pricing plan (add hyperlink) and sign up for a free 2 month trial. After a quick registration, our guided tour will help you set up your organisation’s details and pricing structures. Our platform allows you to fully customise the system to suit your organisation’s needs. Once your profile is setup you can start sending out the registration link to your players, members or children.
How customizable is CloudSquad?
We designed our platform to be able to cater to a wide variety of organisations, from small art classes to large sports clubs with complex team structures. In order to try accommodate different needs our platform is highly customisable, allowing you to change everything from your registration form to what size of t-shirt a player wears.
What happens after the 2 month free trial?
During the last week of your trial, will we contact you to add a payment method onto your profile. Once your two month trial has expired you won’t be able to access your profile until you have successfully added a payment method.
How do the students / members register?
Once you have customised your member registration page, you can invite members to complete the registration form by sending the invite link to their phones, or via a link on your website. Once completed our system will automatically create a member profile for them that can be accessed on the platform.
Can my customers pay through this platform?
Unfortunately not at the moment, but we are currently looking at incorporating a debit order function. Our platform does however allow you to import OFX files (downloaded from your online banking) which shows you all the payments that have been made into your account. This allows our platform to automatically link payments to specific members so you can see which accounts have been paid.
Automatic payment assignment is dependent on members using correct payment references. Manual assignment of payments to members is available as required.